About Us

Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications wants New York City to be a global leader on wireless safety.

Our mission is to bring awareness to the harmful physical and mental health effects of cell phones, Wi-Fi, wireless computer equipment, portable phones, excessive screen time, too early technology use, wireless utility equipment and neighborhood cell towers and antennas.

We seek to inspire people to first protect one’s own home, and then to actively engage with leaders in society on this issue, including federal, state and local government officials, but also with business, non-profit, education and religious leaders.

It is important people of conscience acknowledge a significant mistake continues to be made in not hard-wiring communications in residences, offices, schools and public spaces, and that people of all ages are at risk.

We need to take steps to protect the most vulnerable from radiation exposures—children, the elderly, people dealing with chronic illnesses, people with cancer, pets, and those suffering with tech overuse effects and debilitating electrosensitivity (EHS) symptoms, a catch all name for a range of symptoms from wireless radiation overexposures, including fatigue, irritability, attention and memory difficulties, cardiac irregularities, sleep disruption, and more.

Manhattan Neighbors holds the vision of a health-conscious New York where citizens are highly educated on this topic, and empowered and inspired to create low-radiation healthy environments and balanced lives.