Bioinitiative Report


bioreportBioInitiative 2012
A Rationale for Biologically-based Exposure Standards for Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation


The BioInitiative Report has been co-produced by 29 international EMF scientists from 10 countries in a collaborative effort to synthesize the large body of science showing biological effects from exposure to electromagnetic fields at low-intensity levels. This independent review of the science was first produced in 2007, updated in 2012, and updated again in 2014. Much of the original BioInitiative report was published in the journal, Pathophysiology.
The BioInitiative Report is an important report that brings insights into the biological effects from electromagnetic fields, and the connection with numerous illnesses, from many different fields. Included are discussion about evidence for impacts on gene and protein expression, genotoxic effects, increasing the stress response, immune function, neurology and behavior, the blood brain barrier, brain tumors and acoustic neuromas, childhood cancer (leukemia), effects on melatonin, breast cancer promotion, fertility and reproductive effects, and fetal and neonatal effects. It also described a possible EMF-autism connection that calls for further research. The report described the various known ‘mechanisms of action’ by which these effects may be occurring, demonstrated the biological effects occur not only from the power exposure, but also from the modulating signals, and discussed therapeutic effects, as well. Finally, the BioInitiative Report gave important precautionary and health policy recommendations.
Based on this review of the science, the BioInitiative report recommends changes in exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields so exposures people receive are based on the biological science, instead of the assumption that unless exposures are hot enough to heat tissue there is no risk. The evidence presented in the BioInitiative report, whose authors reviewed thousands of studies, makes clear that assumption is false, and that there are indeed significant biological and health risks at low intensity electromagnetic field exposures.
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