Bumper Stickers & Year End Fundraising Appeal

YEAR END FUNDRAISING APPEAL: Could each of you possibly make a small donation to support our EMF education and activism? Donors giving $100 or more will be gifted with a free “No More Antennas” bumper sticker!

“No More Antennas” bumper stickers can also be obtained in quantity—packages of 20 Bumper stickers will be sent as a thank you for donations of $500 or more.

Make a donation to the National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy via Paypal.

Know your donation supports the EMF education and advocacy work of the National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy, ElectromagneticHealth.org, Campaign for Radiation Free Schools and Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications and the extensive free time we give to support the work of others in this field, including scientists, other EMF colleagues and especially new activists.

You can donate via PayPal here, and in the U.S., donations to a 501-c-3 are tax-deductible. So please help us out if you can. Small donations from a large number of people can go a long way. Select automatic monthly donations if you are able, so we can receive your support throughout the year!

We have many important initiatives underway right now and we need your donations to have the high impact these endeavors deserve. Please consider us in your year-end charitable planning.

THANK YOU For Your Generous Support!! 



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