Digital Wellness Day 2021 – Presentation by Camilla Rees

Camilla Rees spoke at Digital Wellness Day, Friday, May 7, 2021, organized by the Digital Wellness Institute. The summit was an initiative of the non-profit HAPPI (Helping Awesome Parents Parent Intentionally) and included of 73 speakers–psychologists, digital detox and digital wellness guides, etc.
Entitled “100+ Tech Life Balance Tips” (1:38:36), Camilla addressed tech overuse and addiction, the biological effects from the many disregulating aspects of screen time, and shared 100+ tips for how to counter attention fragmentation and improve time and tech management. She emphasized the essential, often overlooked, need to slow down, to proactively work with stress, and to take steps to promote health and wellness to counter the increasing tech dominance in our lives. There were many tips specifically related to children and technology, and the EMF biological and health issues, from wireless technology use, was integrated into this broader discussion.

Rees said we are self-sabotaging our lives with tech dominance and information overload and we need to urgently take back our time to restore quality of life and improve our chances of reaching our potential both individually and as a society.
She recommends looking at the percentage of one’s year one spends online, explaining that 8 hours of time online a day is the equivalent of 6 1/2 months of waking life (assuming 15 hours of waking time daily), and 11 hours a day online is almost 9 months of one’s waking life. Rees says these numbers should be a wake-up call to us all and that we cannot reach out potential to experience the joys, wonders and magnificence of life allocating this much of our lives to screen time.
Digital Wellness Day was sponsored by The Digital Wellness Institute along with other groups addressing this topic The Social Dilemma, Greater Good Science Center, Media Done Responsibly, Bonfire Digital Wellness, Tech and Wellness, PowerEd, and Daily Haloha.

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