Videos About Our Relationship with Technology with the late Gerald Epstein, MD

The late Gerald Epstein, MD, psychiatrist, scholar of the western wisdom traditions and founder of the American Institute for Mental Imagery in New York, with whom I was privileged to study and collaborate for many years, comments in these brief videos on the subject of our relationship with technology.
In the 3rd video, “Using Mental Imagery to Fight Tech Addiction” he gives a practical example of how we can use mental imagery to reverse patterns of thought, mood and behavior, in this case, with patterns leading to obsession with or addition to technology.
Together, as Agent, Gerry and I developed the audio set produced by Nightingale-Conant, “The Natural Laws of Self-Healing: How to Harness Your Inner Imaging Power to Restore Health and Reach Spirit”.
For people interested in working with me as a health advocate, it is a prerequisite to listen to “The Natural Laws of Self-Healing” to understand how healing can be greatly accelerated by establishing an active relationship with the invisible dimension through the use of imagery, imagination and other means. In these days, we would very much benefit from being in a very active, regular relationship with the bigger, supportive whole. Imagery practice can take you there.
I have spoken about the uses of imagery in the 5G Crisis Summit follow-on course, “4 Levels of Solutions to 5G” Master Class”, in “The Inner Dimension in Activism” courseas well as in my presentation to the U.S. Health Freedom Congress, The Inner Dimension in Activism

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