International Institute for Building Biology™ & Ecology

Want to get some training in electromagnetic fields? Consider taking some on-line  foundational courses by faculty from the International Institute for Building-Biology & Ecology (IBE) or sign up for their seminars or certification programs to become a Building Biology Practitioner, Building Biology Environmental Consultant or Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist. You can stay narrowly focused on electromagnetic fields, or learn about the other elements of healthy buildings and clean living, like mold, chemicals and more. This is a wonderful community of practitioners with high standards and ideals who understand the significant health ramifications of substandard home, office and school environments.  To find a certified Building Biology™ & Ecology practitioner go here.


Select Building-Biology™ Conference Videos:

Peter Sierck,PhD
Spectrum Analysis and Shielding


Martin Blank, PhD
Cellular and Molecular Effects
of Electromagnetic Fields


Martin Pall, PhD
Cellular & Molecular Effects of Electromagnetic Fields
Electromagnetic field exposures act via activation of
voltage-gated calcium channels.


Michael Schwaebe
Dirty Electricity


William Rae, MD
Triggering Agents of Electromagnetic Sensitivity


Camilla Rees, MBA
The Biological and Health Effects
of Electromagnetic Fields


Tim Schoechle, PhD
Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid