Video: Remarks by Camilla Rees at EMF Rally Outside Supreme Court

Activists gathered outside the Supreme Court to protest the growing number of antennas in our midst and the biological harm and health consequences from these exposures. The rally on October 17, 2017 was initiated by architect Jennifer Wood, a resident of the Radio Free Zone in Green Bank, WVA. Speakers included a 13-year old girl who expressed concern on behalf of her generation, a Professor of Physics, and activists from many states, and as far away as California, concerned about health and environmental effects. Here, listen to the presentation by Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications founder, Camilla Rees.

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Photo Credit: Theodora Scarato

Additional videos from the rally, edited by Environmental Health Trust, one of the lead organizers, can be found here.

Resistance to the proliferation of antennas is picking up due to the non-stop introduction of more and more antennas, including new 5G antennas emitting frequencies that have not been tested for safety, the blanketing of children in this radiation in schools and plans for the ‘Internet of Things” where all electronics and appliances in one’s home would be wirelessly interconnected.

Great concern was expressed about the coming 4G LTE and 5G antennas to be deploy densely throughout the country on utility poles, lamp posts, street signs and municipal and infrastructure, reportedly as frequently as every few houses. 5G antennas are to emit very high frequency millimeter wave radiation used in military settings. In a CA bill vetoed recently by Governor Jerry Brown (SB.649), the power of the antennas had the potential to be turned up very significantly, yet there was no provision in the legislation for monitoring the radiation emissions.

Several bills at the federal level are in process to similarly facilitate “antennas everywhere”. It appears legislators are ignorant of the technology alternatives to wireless to meet America’s communications needs. More information on 5G antennas can be found at A paper on this subject educating legislators will be published soon.

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