Risks of School WiFi Exposure

This dosimetry chart characterizes the wireless radiation exposure to children in a middle school.

Key points to understand about WiFi in schools from this example are:

  • WiFi exposure varied from room to room and also within class periods.
  • WiFi should not be thought of as a benign, static background energy as instead it is a highly variable, pulsing energy with high peaks.
  • The longer the exposure the greater the symptoms.
  • A “Cumulative Exposure” measure would be a more accurate reflection of risk to a child, as would the “Percentage of a Day” exposed.
  • Using “average” exposures to determine if an exposure is within the current FCC thermal safety guidelines is wholly inappropriate, as the “average” exposure line you see on the charts do not in any way reflect the true nature of the exposures.
  • Actual exposures in these schools are well above the recommended Bioinitiative safe indoor safety guideline of .1 mW/m2 or 100 uW/m2 , and even further above FCC guidelines.
  • WiFi routers in schools are typically industrial strength routers, designed to go through cement, to handle 100s of users, and to extend the signal into a large area through a building or campus. School routers present far greater exposures than home routers.
  • The closer one is to a router, the greater the thermal effects. The farther away one is from a router, the greater certain non-thermal effects, such as permeability of the Blood Brain Barrier and greater neuron death in the brain. Thus, being closer to the power source of the router, as well as farther away from it, can be worse, but for different reasons.
  • WiFi routers in schools keep getting stronger and stronger, and the technology changes. Newer router systems are directional in nature, meaning certain students in a classroom will be more exposed to the WiFi than others.
  • Read summary and Listen to Audio of “Children’s Health Expert Panel-Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk” here http://tinyurl.com/jfec2mp and see Critique of the National Association of Independent School’s statement on Wi-Fi detailing risks to children at http://electromagnetichealth.org/electromagnetic-health-blog/nais-critique/
  • The wireless industry is turning a blind eye to the biological and health impacts of wireless radiation because they want to sell products and make money.
  • The FCC that is supposed to be regulating this industry is a ‘captured agency’ and uses exposure guidelines that only consider one form of risk, the thermal effects of the radiation. They don’t consider the non-thermal effects, which are very significant, or the cumulative and long-term effects. See “Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission is Dominated by the Industries it Presumably Regulates” at http://tinyurl.com/zkgu33j to understand the failures and why parents, teachers and schools need to investigate the risks for themselves.


10 Elements of an Electromagnetically Clean and Conscious School

  1. Use hard-wired cable or fiber optic communications networks, replacing over-the-air Wi-Fi transmissions.
  1. Install workstations with Ethernet connections available throughout the school for laptop Internet access.
  1. Teach students and school personnel to disable Wi-Fi functionality on laptops and personal devices and remove wireless “smart boards.”
  1. Institute a “No Cell Phone” policy on campus, including personal hotspot devices.
  1. Hard-wire computer peripherals such as mice, keyboards, speakers, monitors and other accessories.
  1. Hard-wire printers and disable Wi-Fi function.
  1. Disallow iPads or other tablets for students unless they accommodate an Ethernet connection and provide the ability to disable the wireless.
  1. Train school personnel to be alert for signs of chronic electro-sensitivity symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, heart irregularities and concentration problems.
  1. Educate parents about the advisability of hard-wiring computers and Internet connections and limiting mobile phone use in the home.
  1. Assess via antennasearch.com and with a radio frequency (RF) meter any external RF radiation sources, such as from antennas or towers, within a mile of the school.

Download 10 Elements of an Electromagnetically Clean and Conscious School (PDF)

Children Develop Tumors, Cell Tower on School Property

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