Screen Movies

Enjoy one or more of these films. They succinctly provide the big picture on the risks to people from acute and chronic exposures to electromagnetic fields. All are worthwhile viewing. We suggest you hold screenings in your homes and neighborhoods, and consider inviting a speaker…a scientist, a doctor, a Building-Biologist® or an activist. Contact us for ideas for your particular situation.
5G Apocalypse – The Extinction Event (2019)



Generation Zapped (2017)





screenagersScreenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age (2016)





91ahlzrnhrl-_sy445_Mobilize—A Film on Cell Phone Radiation (2014, 2016)





indexResonance: Beings of Frequency (2013)





indexTake Back Your Power—Investigating the Smart Grid (2013)





71aaxwuhrll-_sy445_Full Signal – The Hidden Costs of Cell Phones (2011)